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Staining and Sealing
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Long-Lasting Decks

Deck maintenance is an important factor of having a deck attached to your home. So you don’t have to perform it as often, applying decking treatments such as stain or sealer in the first place is important. Deck coatings repel water and other elemental effects (within reason) and can prevent scratches and cracking.

Water damage can cause a plethora of problems such as wood rot and mold buildup. When time and money has been put into building a custom deck all parties should be invested in keeping it in peak condition.

Stains and Sealers

Decks are made from a variety of woods, or recycled composite material. These all benefit from stains and sealers. There are slight differences to be aware of between the two.

Deck Sealer

Deck sealer maintains the deck’s original color and grain. It prevents against moisture damage.

Deck Stain

Deck stain protects not just from moisture damage, but also cracking. However, unlike sealer it has a tint to it so your wood will not retain its original appearance.

A deck gets put through quite a bit including weather, being walked on and dirt/grease from food. When you seal or stain your deck, it will be far more resistant to these factors.

Wood and Composite Decks

When choosing a material for a deck you have many options including pressure treated lumber, redwood, cedar or tropical hardwoods. Aside from classic types of wood, there is composite which is 95% recycled and made up of woods and plastics.

When preparing to stain or seal your deck, the type of deck you have is important when starting the process. When we visit your home to build your deck or simply refinish it, we will power wash a wood deck, but when it comes to composite we will not. Composite is a bit more delicate and power washing is a risk when prepping it.

No matter what your deck is made of, we will take the utmost care with each unique job we come across.

Deckit Decks Have Staying Power

If we’re hired to build a new deck for your home, or are refinishing a deck built by another contractor, we will follow the proper steps to complete a quality job.

In our years of experience we have built an accomplished portfolio of local decks. These decks are up to the test of time and will not fall apart under pressure. When you hire Deckit you will get a deck that will not require any major repairs for up to 25 years!

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